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2019 Mitex Moscow

Date: 2020-03-31  /    administrator

We participated in Mitex after a span of five years.
Before the fair, we talked with other companies in Taiwan about Russians don’t give their business cards easily, and even some would observe a brand for 2 to 3 years before they make sure to talk for a deal.
A company owner said that their big Russian customer talked to them at the venue after a close observation for 4 years. 
Maybe that is because of national habits that make them always be careful.
Visitors to the fair are mainly for local Fain in Russia and they are not from all over the world like those to Canton Fair.
Moreover, companies do not know Russian language must employ a translator, and they should not have the idea of they may solve language problem if they could speak some English like they are in Canton Fair. Whenever you speak local language, mutual trust becomes stronger.
After the fair finished for half a year, several customers inquired for information and quotation of our products.
You cannot get instant results for trade shows though, in the couple days of the show acting as a media of cooperation may help you contact potential customers unconsciously, 


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